About Us

Directory Listings is a global business directory helping people/businesses connect with local, national and international businesses


We started this business in April of 2015 because we found that while there were quite a few directories out there, most were only focused on their local area or one particular field, and the ones that were on a broader scale were just basically full of old dead links and business information that wasn’t current. Our site will be checked regularly to make sure all information is current and up to date. Dead links and businesses that are no longer trading for whatever reason will be removed so that the directory only keeps up to date and useful information.


We have a dedicated team of developers that will make regular updates to the site to ensure it stays current and easy to navigate as we grow and the number of businesses increases.


We also have a dedicated team of marketing specialist (you may have spoken to one on the phone or received one of their emails) who’s sole purpose is to increase traffic to our site, and as a consequence increase traffic to your site or business.


We hope you will join us and enjoy the benefits of being listed in the worlds fastest growing business directory.